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Color Sessions


Need a pick me up in between sessions? This session is for gray blending, all over color, gloss refresh for blondes, color melt or if you need a mini highlight to brighten up around the face. Session includes a blow out. Haircut add on $40

Investment: $160

Time: 1.5-2 hours

Suggested Maintenance: 6-9 weeks


This session is for maintaining your current look or make a slight upgrade. This is my most popular service which includes highlights, lowlights, or partial balayage. Session includes a haircut. Need to blend/cover

 roots add on $80

Investment: $220

Time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Suggested Maintenance: 10-12 weeks



Need a full upgrade or has it been a while? This session includes all over dimensional color whether you choose to go lighter or darker with balayage, teasylights, or full blonding service. This session includes a haircut. Need to blend/cover roots add on $80.

Investment: $310

Time: 4+ hours

Suggested Maintenance: 14+ weeks

All sessions include:

scalp massages

aromatherapy eye pillow

hair treatments

warm neck towels

personalized styling lesson

post care product knowledge 

Please note that these are starting prices. If you have thick hair or if your hair is past your shoulders there will be additional charges.

If I haven't seen you in more than 6 months please visit the new guest page to get started as we will need time to reconsult

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Current Guest

Interested in how extensions can change your whole look? This is my favorite question!! Everyone is adding in a volume set. I place extensions only where you need it most. A lot of times we start thinning around the temple area/sides of the head. You may not need a full head of extensions. Or if you don't want to color your hair but looking for a change you can add in a few extensions.

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