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In high school you could find me in my bathroom cutting

or coloring my hair. I was obsessed with

fashion and reading magazines learning what

was new and trending. I didn’t realize it at

the time that I was doing what I was meant to do!

For fifteen years I have been in this ever changing beauty

industry that keeps me on my toes and I'm loving every

minute of it! I get to add my creative touch, make people

happy, and build beautiful relationships with my clients.


Education lover/obsessed is what you can call me. If I’m

not reading or practicing it, I’m teaching it.

That’s right! I turned my passion into a teaching

career for Redken. When I'm not in

the salon I get the opportunity to travel and teach

other hairstylists color and hair education.

IMG_5271 2.HEIC

What I love to do most is travel, cook, and learn how to garden (if you have any tips send them my way, I love learning more!) And most importantly spend time with my family. When you get to know me more you realize how close of a family we are and how much time (a lot) we spend together.

You know how they say find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life? Well I'm so happy I found that for me! Every day I get to connect with clients and make their hair dreams come true. Nothing feels better than when my clients is leaving the salon smiling ear to ear because they love their hair.

Besides hair...

Meet Nicole

When I’m not working you can find

me relaxing at home. I'm snuggled

up on the couch with my dog

Bella trying to decide from Pinterest

or a cookbook what to cook for dinner.

My newest passion is

trying to make everything with homemade

ingredients. It's been a learning curve but

I do love a good challenge!

If you like to cook too let's swap

some recipes!


 After cooking I head straight to the TV

with my favorite glass of wine and

catch up on my latest Netflix

show. But I somehow always go

back to my favorites

Friends, Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls,

and anything on Bravo.


Weekends are my favorite even if it's a

packed schedule. My free time is spent with

family and friends around the dinner table, going

out to eat, or boating when it's the summer.

My boyfriend and I love to take the Metra downtown to go to

a sports game (I'm Cubs and 

he's White Sox), concerts, or visit our

favorite blues bar in River North.

Some days you just need r & r and that's exactly

what my boyfriend and I love to do. We take

turns cooking breakfast and binge watch tv all day

until it's dinner time. It's the best relaxing day ever

(I just wish this happened every Sunday)



It’s time to pamper yourself. At your appointment I want you to enjoy my studio space and relax. I'll put on your choice of music and we can catch up on the latest gossip or bring in that book you've been trying to finish.

My clients appreciate my attention to detail and why I put

the integrity of their hair first. It's important for me to know what you like and don't like so I can recommend the right services and at home haircare routine for you. It’s my goal that if you’re not already, you will love your hair. If you're ready to book with me and make your hair dreams happen visit the New Guest page to get started.

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